2013: Financial Solutions

Sigma1 is rolling out a new tagline for 2013.  2012 was focused on portfolio-optimization software. For 2013, the Sigma1 theme will be “Financial Solutions Software.”

In on-going beta testing,  I have learned that investment professionals want more than answers to financial analysis problems; they want “solutions.”  And each beta test has a slightly different definition for “solution.”  The most common themes are 1) easy of use, 2) web-based interface.  Beyond that enhancement requests start to diverge.

Making software easy-to-use is not easy.  It is one thing to train users on a product, it is quite another to build software that most people find intuitive.  Nonetheless this is one of the Sigma1 software development challenges of 2013.  Sigma1 is looking for additional expertise in this area.

The flexibility of HALO software will allow the development of additional ready-to-use plugins.  On the drawing board are:

  • Capital-gains optimization and management
  • Capital-gains-savvy portfolio transition planning
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Total-Return confidence-interval visuals
  • Built-in alternative risk measures (max draw down, max rolling annual loss)
  • Asset covariance reporting
  • Time-series portfolio stress testing
  • Sampling tools (build a representative portfolio with a smaller set of securities)
  • Data back-fill for new passive ETFs

2013 represents an opportunity for Sigma1 Software to incorporate feedback from our beta partners and transform HAL0 software from an optimization-engine into a more complete software solution suite.  Thank you beta testers for your feedback!   Sigma1 looks forward a continuing relationship that we hope will amaze you and your clients.


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